What does the log tell me about editor crash on play?


I started running into this problem where the unity editor crashes when I press the play button. It does this only in one particular scene of one particular project, and also after reimporting all assets. After a lot of failed attemps to try to isolate a problem in my code I dug up the log. This is my first time trying to make sense of them, I tried googling some of the more “suspicious” parts but I didn’t find any answer. Could anyone help me out by telling me what the log says? Thanks so much!

Are you sure that the editor actually crashed?

Maybe your application just hang due to an infinite loop maybe? A lot people seem to confuse a hang with a crash or don’t even know the difference.

Storing the log as pdf makes no sense. Why didn’t you just append it as txt file? It’s almost impossible to read the pdf due to the huge font size and massive word wrap.