What does the scaling affect?

I have a general question. My question is: What does the scaling of an object affect. So basically if I change the scale of an object, it probably changes the size of the object and of whose child objects, the global distance to the child objects and so on. But I’m wondering about what properties of the Transform-component does the scale actually affect or which calculations does the scaling affect. For example, the local position does not change if you change the scale. So is the local position the displacement vector from the parent to the origin of the object at a global scaling of (1,1,1)?



--- B

------- C

If you change the scale of object A it will affect:

  • Its own Renderer (its graphics)
  • Its own Colliders
  • The world position of all its children (if you inspect the children you will not see any difference because it’s showing localPosition and localScale).
  • The Renderers and Colliders of all its children.

Object A’s local position / world position will not be affected when its scale is changed.