What does the UV node do in Shader Graph?

Hello guys here’s a screenshot of the tutorial I’m learning (of creating lightning with VFX
Currently I can understand all the stuff in this picture except the UV node connected with the Lerp node.
What does it stand for?
I think it’s because the A port is lacking of something so he added a “normal thing compare to the noised thing” so he can use Lerp after adding it. Perhaps? Uh so if I was right then how do I explain the “normal thing”???
Just so mixed up and confused cause I haven’t got any concept of the UV node.
I sincerely appreciate if you could help!! :slight_smile:

A UV map holds the coordinates for each vertex in the mesh of an object and it allows the model's texturing by telling each pixel in the texture image which mesh's vertex should be applied to.

A UV Node in Shader Graph allows to select which UV channel to use. That's because 3D models can have more than one UV channel.

So what's intended on the graph above is to take the coordinates of each vertex in the UV map and use a modified value of them to generate a distorted texture. You see the Lerp node? it is taking the UV map at Channel 0 (the standard channel to use) from the UV Node and interpolating between the original coordinates value for each vertex and the value it gets from the Simple Noise node by the DistortionAmount value.

So let's say it takes the Coordinates for the vertex at (0, 0), a Noise value of 10 and a DistortionAmount of 0.5f. The modified UV coordinates for the vertex at (0,0) will be the mid point between 0 and 10, so (5, 5).

Note that the way the nodes are laid out will never modify the actual mesh of the model or even the original UV map.

If you want more information on any ShaderGraph node, [you can head to the documentation][1].