What does this error even mean?

im trying to “build and run” an app on my android phone, but when I do, I get this error.39361-capture.png

I don’t understand what it wants me to do. I have tried building it both ways and I still get the same error

Yes, my device is…

  • in developer mode
  • pluged into my pc properly
  • installed properly on my pc

I have all the API packages installed and the 32 and 64 bit android jdk installed

Google moved zipalign from tools to build-tools about half a year ago, this is the reason why it could not be found.

You must be using a very old version of Unity. We fixed this in 4.5.2 IIRC. Please update your version of Unity.

Moving zipalign to the expected folder will work too, but I do not recommend this approach because next time you update Android SDK the file will be gone.