What does this Error mean?

Just the last thing to do before final testing: Adding in-app purchasing. I’m already using “Etcetera 1” and “Social Networking” plugins from Prime31, (ios) and imported the In App Purchasing plugin, and about 8 scripts all have this or similar errors all of a sudden. What do they mean, and any idea how to fix it? I’ve emailed Prime31, but I’d love to get a few more hours of work in, hopefully finish it all tonight, if possible!


Assets/Plugins/Etcetera/EtceteraManager.cs(8,32): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `AbstractManager’ could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

It means that EtceteraManager.cs is referencing the class AbstractManager, however AbstractManager doesn’t exist for some reason or another. It’s likely that the AbstractManager script is either missing or possibly in Standard Assets when it should be in Assets, or Assets when it should be StandardAssets.

Bottom line is, Unity is unable to find a script called AbstractManager which should have come with your packages, and therefore other scripts referencing said script throw errors. :slight_smile:

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I had this problem… turned out I had two P31ResKit.dll’s … i got rid of the older one and this error went away.

I also ran into the same problem. In my case, I ended up moving the Prime31 Script into my Resources folder and that did the trick.

Please bear in mind that my coding skills are practically zero. Just leaving this here in case it would help somebody in the future. Please feel free to edit this comment if you know a better way to explain/solve this issue.

Hi Everybody! I had the same issue (same error - the cause was two P31ResKit.dll’s) - I moved them both to standard assets and it works!


For my part, i looked at inspector on P31RestKit, and reactivated “Editor” platform, simply!

This issue can be P31ResKit.dll is a git lfs file.
Open P31ResKit.dll in script editor (like sublimetext) check if lfs file, not binary file.

In this case, open git shell and

git lfs fetch --all


git lfs fetch -I "*.dll"

Then lfs file will downloaded, delete P31ResKit.dll then git checkout "yourpath/P31ResKit.dll"
(yourpath is your directory path for P31ResKit.dll)