What does this mean?

Hi all, so i am new to programming/c# and have been relying a lot on tutorials to learn. Currently I have come across some C# code that will help do what I trying to accomplish with my game. Example. I understand all but a few parts. Mainly this part in particular:

bool doubleRaycastDown(TerrainMovementRayProperties movementRay, float rayLength, out RaycastHit leftHitInfo, out RaycastHit rightHitInfo)

How can a bool be something other than true or false? Currently I see it has movementRay so I guess that can be true/false but what about the float or the two outs for the RaycastHIt. What am I missing? Also would TerrainMovementRayProperties be a class with different properties about a Ray i need to set up?


so while waiting for mod to approve question i think i figured it out. bool doubleRaycastDown is a method that returns a bool but also takes in the parameters of (I think it is a class, possibly a enum? not sure) then a float then it also returns two raycasthit. Am I correct did I miss anything?

You are correct. It is indeed a method that takes varies values (called parameters), useses these to perform some calculations, and then returns a result, in this case a bool value (true/false).