What does this 'Target Resolution' thing do, if anything?

So you’re making an iPad app. Regarding this:


I have five specific questions,

(1) in your experience, does it actually make any difference? What sort of difference?

(2) how does the critical issue of old V new iPad interrelate to Q1?

(3) if I’m doing an app for a client, and the client says “Which setting should we use on that?” I am completely clueless, but I want to lie and sound really impressive. What should I say and why?

(4) Which setting should one use? You’re making an iPad app, which setting to use? Again, re new V old iPad ??

(5) Does anyone actually know what it is doing differently, technically??


Becareful with HD specially on an iPad3 !

With this setting, the viewport resolution of your game running on iPad3 will be 2048×1536 instead of 1024×768 for the old iPads.

So all your UIs will be smaller and potentially not at the correct position.

I think that if you use Native then the resolution will stay the same on iPad3 (it won’t use the “retina” display thing…)

Hope that makes sense !

some iOS devices informations on wikipedia :


actually what i experienced with these are

suppose u coded the texture 2d like this

GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(0,0,320,480),backgroundTexture);

if u have taken the standard option weather it is normal iphone or retina display .
the texture will fit to the screen resolution of the iphone.

if u taken HD the texture will fit correctly in normal iphone.
where as in retina display only 1/4th of the screen we can see texture and the remaining 3/4 screen it will be empty.

hope i would clear ur doubt.

It’s the resolution of the devices screen. Older devices support standard res which is 480 x 320. Newer ones support a higher resolution HD is 960 x 640

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