What does unity measure distance in?

Hello, All...

I would like to know what unity uses to measure distance.

When you set the resolution of your terrain it has the width and length, what does it measure it by?

Thanks - Gibson -

By default, the units in Unity are meters. So the default size for terrains is 1000m x 1000m, with a max height of 600m. You can change this in the Terrain->Set Resolution menu.

The default settings for gravity, and audio dopplar also reflect the default 1 unit = 1m.

This means that if you want to use the units as some other distance (eg, inches, feet, miles, or whatever), as well as importing models scaled to this new size, you'll also need to adjust the gravity and dopplar settings accordingly so that they produce sensible results for your new world scale.

When you import models from CAD or any other platform this becomes very critical. @Eric5h5 my model when brought into unity using English units of inches it made the small 5" model 5 meters tall… Its not arbitrary if you use anything with a size

all units in unity are in meters. mass is in kg.