What does Unity need?

besides a modeling/animation package what else could Unity3d need to look awesome? Any other software that can make it look cool? Thank in advance. Armbuck

Work. Lots of work on your game.

As Spinaljack mentions on his comment, it's all about what your skills are, but also about you're doing for your game. Is it a 2D game? A 3D one? How are you making your textures? There's no one-size fits all answer.

I remember when we saw Machinarium a friend asked what program they'd use to make it. Someone answered "Flash". Then he asked "No, no, I mean the art, it looks great".

Much like I couldn't create the art for Machinarium if they gave me the same software, there's no magical addition anyone can recommend that will, by itself, improve the looks of your or my games.