What exactly is it about the Oculus Rift that requires Unity Pro, as opposed to Unity Free?


I have recently begun work with VR and I have access to an Oculus Rift, but not Unity Pro.
In the lab I am working in, we have software that lets us get around some of the limits of Unity Free, such as a lack of support for DLLs.

Using a combination of VRPN and software developed by a graduate student at WPI called UIVA, we are able to use devices such as a Wii-mote or Razer Hydra with Unity Free.

So I was wondering exactly what it is about the Oculus Rift that makes it incompatible with Unity Free?

If it is a DLL problem, what exactly is that DLL handling?

Thank you!

Pro is needed because the input handling on the Rift is performed by a DLL, and also because the stereo views need image warping, which is a Pro feature.

Being able to “get around” the Pro requirements unfortunately isn’t a legal response to the EULA. OR will ship with a 4-month Pro trial.