What Facebook account to use for creating app ID

I would like to allow users to post to their Facebook wall from within my unity app (available for ios and android). I understand I need to create a FB app ID.

My question is this: what account should I log myself in as to create this app ID in the developers portal of Facebook?

I have a personal Facebook account that has nothing to do with my unity app. Can I use that account to create the app ID. But if I do that, will the app ID be bound to my personal account? What if I close my personal account? Will the App ID be still active if I do that? Should I create a business account in fb instead to create the app ID? Why do you need to log in to create the app ID in the first place?

You can add and remove FB accounts from the Developer App Page after it’s been created. So go ahead and use your own personal account for now if thats easiest. You can add a business account with full admin rights and remove your personal account later if you like.