what files were uploaded in unity accelerator?

i was trying to use unity accelerator in my project.

but unity accelerator is as not fast as Unreal's Shared DDC.

result like below,

(connect Project with Unity Acc -> delete Library file -> loading project file and upload cache files to Unity Acc
-> delete Library file again ->calculate time when loading project with connected Acc and disconnected Acc )

so, while i researching about this,

i could see Unity did some importing jobs even if i use acc (through Editor.log)

through other several researching, i conclude some cache files(exist in Library file) were not uploaded in unity Accelerator

if its right, is there any standard for cache file that can uploaded or not in acc?

Hi npixel01,

The Accelerator doesn't contain any logic. It's purely a key/value store. All logic and hashing in done on the editor side. Data is pushed or pulled to/from Accelerator by Unity Editor.

The reason for local library being faster is that all the files are already there, but when using the Accelerator, depending on where and how Accelerator is deployed, files still need to be copied (possibly over the network) from Accelerator and/or built on your local machine.

One more thing about Accelerator, is that its goal is to improve the performance for teams working on the same project in the same network. This means that only one person needs to perform the actual import and the results will automatically be cached to the Unity Accelerator. The next time a team member goes to import the same version of the asset, the cache will first be checked before starting the import process on the local machine. So I don't think it will add much value when you are working solo on a single machine.

See https://blog.unity.com/games/speed-up-your-team-with-the-unity-accelerator for more info.

thanks for replying!

before i say, i understand everything you explained.

we are team and we use both Unreal and Unity.
and we use Unreal Shared Unreal DDC as cache server, but we dont have cache server for Unity Project.
so we found Unity Accelerator and trying to use it.
we have own server computer, and we install unity acclerator on it.

we adjust it to our project and it makes our project loading little fast but not as much as UE ddc.
(unreal shows a hug difference of project loading time depending on whether or not there is connected shared ddc work as cache server.)
(the way of handling cache is same between unity acc and unreal ddc)
so i wanted to research about this.

the method that i experimented would be the same conditions as when i collaborated with the team, although i did it alone.

i looked at the Editor.log file thile i was doing the experiment,
and i found some cache files not download from Accelerator but import again, although i already import project and upload cache files to accelerator completely.

so i question in forum 'what files were uploaded?'
because its seems like not all cache files uploaded in unity accelerator.

thx for read this! i look forward to your response :)

Thanks for the clarification on the work environment where you are using Unity Accelerator.
Would you mind sharing both Unity Editor and Accelerator logs with us so we can have a better view of the files that are not pulled from the Accelerator?

sorry for late reply.
heres my Unity Editor log file when upload cache files to Accelerator and download cache files from Accelerator.(I cant upload files here so i give you google drive)


and heres my process

  1. open accelerator server(at PC_2).
  2. create unity 3d project and import some assets(at PC_1) asset address : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/landscapes/terrain-sample-asset-pack-145808 : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/nature-starter-kit-2-52977
  3. link project and Accelerator, and remove library file at project folder, and turn on project. ->to importing and upload cache files to Accelerator Server. ->Get Unity Editor log file when upload cache files to Accelerator from this process
  4. remove library file at project folder and turn on project. -> to download cache files from Accelerator ->Get Unity Editor log file when dowload cache files from Accelerator from this process

actually i dont know all cache files uploaded to Accelerator through see the Unity Editor log file when upload cache files to Accelerator, but i can see some files not download from Accelerator but import itself through Unity Editor log file when dowload cache files from Accelerator.

like below:
Start importing Packages/com.unity.visualscripting/Graphics/Method_16x.ai using Guid(50518b6178c7543489da50084db7cb42) Importer(-1,00000000000000000000000000000000) -> (artifact id: '44cc72db5f102d499487dcc73623195b') in 0.001997 seconds
Start importing Packages/com.unity.visualscripting/Graphics/Namespace_16x.ai using Guid(609c3f6a050cd044abf73af2fbab64bf) Importer(-1,00000000000000000000000000000000) -> (artifact id: '8888380d074c274b6f807f779af3bd95') in 0.000834 seconds
Start importing Assets/FXIFIED/Stylized VFX Free Pack/Stylized VFX Free Pack.pdf using Guid(01464336a74ca8542b9fe478917c01f7) Importer(-1,00000000000000000000000000000000) -> (artifact id: 'e655cf7f653be1ccc6a8ed9c1ae1221b') in 0.000911 seconds
Start importing Packages/com.unity.visualscripting/Graphics/Source.afphoto using Guid(512ef2ddcfeb6204995803593a149a5b) Importer(-1,00000000000000000000000000000000) -> (artifact id: '6cdf4e8f8906518fb55b4a95524991dd') in 0.002061 seconds

but some cache files were downloaded like below:
Artifact(content hash=786fe524317138ed4ffffdc7fb0ea71c) downloaded for 'Packages/com.unity.collab-proxy/Editor/PlasticSCM/Assets/Images/d_iconplasticviewnotify.png'
Artifact(content hash=31bc594e6bd059fb27b2ecb68afcd6cc) downloaded for 'Packages/com.unity.timeline/Editor/StyleSheets/Images/Icons/TimelineHeaderMarkerIcon.png'
Artifact(content hash=a138bb78a12fca895f5f91f9b2aef182) downloaded for 'Assets/FreeCartoonCity/Textures/Cars/Vehicles_1_CarsItems_AlbedoTransparency.png'

i think this is the reason why i cant get time benefit enough.

and I can see all downloaded cache files from Accelerator are written 'Artifact' at start,
is that mean that is all from Projectfile\Librart\Artifacts originally?

thx for reading!

Hi npixel01,

Thanks for sharing the logs and also for sharing your thoughts.
Looking at the logs, what I can see is that Accelerator is working properly.

Looking at 1st log file (when files are uploaded to the Accelerator), I can see the following line:
Imports: total=5116 (actual=5116, local cache=0, cache server=0)
And counting the uploads to the cache server, I can see 4241 files are pushed to the Accelerator:
Uploaded to cacheserver: 4241

In the 2nd log file, I can see that 3968 + 273 = 4241 files are coming from cache which matches with the previous numbers.
Imports: total=5116 (actual=875, local cache=3968, cache server=273)

What you mentioned in your post is correct and those lines starting with "Artifact(content hash=" are the ones imported from the Accelerator.


I delete library folder and then use Accelerator.
'Imports: total=5116 (actual=875, local cache=3968, cache server=273)' can i ask you where is this num come from? 'local cache=3968'
It should be 'Imports: total=5116 (actual=875, local cache=0, cache server=4241)' as i understand

is there any different folder that save cache at local?

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