What folders to select and include to upload my project to Unity Assets Store?

I want to know what folders should I include from my project to upload it on Unity Assets Store. The project uses Unity Ads and In-App purchase plugins from Unity. It also uses Admob. The main project folder in Assets is is called ‘Smasher’. So, which folder or folders should I select from Asset Store Tools so that end user has no problem when he downloads and use the project? The main Assets folder or just Smasher folder alone? Attached screenshot of the hierarchy of my project folders just in case.135910-assetsfolders.png

From the unity docs:

To prevent confusion during upload and import for your users, make sure that your submission content is inside a top-level folder that has the same title as your submission. This folder contains all of the components for your Project:

Source for more details:
Asset Store Publishing Guide