What free version control tool should I use as solo dev?

I tried Unity Version Control (Plastic SCM). It actually works great, but 5 GB storage limit is simply not enough. My initial commit is already 5.8 GB

Either I don’t understand what 5 GB-hours mean, or the limit is too low. As solo dev, I can’t afford paying for version control

So what tool should I use? The only free alternative with unlimited storage I found is Azure DevOps. Is it the way to go?

I use git for everything. Used to use mercurial, but git seems to be an industry standard everywhere and support for large files / assets works better.
Do you even need a remote storage, if you are working solo? It’s perfectly fine to just have a local git repository to keep your history, but I also push everything to GitHub as a backup. I’ve been fine with their free tier for a long time, but as my LFS grew, I am now paying like 5€ per month for extra LFS.