What games should I be attempting for my lower skill level?

Hi everyone, I’m 16 and going into my last year of high school (Yr 12 in Australia). I do a subject called Multimedia, and for this subject we have to do a major project for the entire year that counts 50% towards my final high school grade for the subject. I’ve chosen to make a game, seeing as no other multimedia project really interests me.

I have basic skills in modelling, texturing, rigging, scripts and using unity as a whole. I’m quick to learn and have a passionate interest, but I start the term in 1 week and I’m not sure if I have the required knowledge to make a great game. I really want to do a game, but I don’t know what genre is too advanced for me.

Basically, my question is- should I stick with my original game idea (along the same lines as Magicka, a top down game focusing on combat) or something a bit simpler (maybe a tower defense, something like that?)? If you think my original idea is going to be too complicated, would you please suggest a genre?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies

actually i think it would be harder to make a tower-defence game, that takes real programming.

(Just for the record, if you glance in the Asset store, as you should, there’s actually a “tower defence” kit for sale Just plug in some graphics.)

I don’t see why you couldn’t make a SIMPLE fighting game. (Whether it is “top down” or not is irrelevant, you just stick your camera where you want.)

1, make a nice surface, 2, make a nice hero and enemy, 3, make some kit, etc, animations, 4, get it working.that’s it

I mean you’re only 16 for goodness sake and you have to do HSC, and you have girls, cigarettes, and alcohol to consider which will take by far the bulk of your time.

the only thing that impresses tutors, clients, etc is quality graphics and fancy sound effects. only other game engineers would care about your development achievements.

so just keep it really SIMPLE and there’s no reason you couldn’t make a nice neat clean good-looking fighting game.

i’d say you don’t have to worry about levels and shit, make it a “Toy” approach app. (ie, “just play”. you launch and start fighting and have fun, that’s it.)

you can forget about multiplayer and the like, it will be effective enough as a straight-up game.

Regarding 2.5D games. Frankly I think it’s MORE WORK to do an arcade game than a normal 3D scene. So I’d probably set that aside.

I hope it helps!

Why not try and do something similar to the Bootcamp or AngryBots demos? These are complete working projects that the Unity community are very familiar with. The advantage is therefore that you have a huge amount of script code to refer to. I’m not suggesting you merely swap out the artwork for your own, but use the projects for your learning. If you are working on your project for many months, then spending 2 weeks, or 4 weeks simply analysing and documenting how one of these projects work could be well worth doing. Once you have done this, you’ll have a good idea about the various systems these projects use, and how to structure your own. I think that’s what I’d do. (And for bonus glory points, blog your progress, or share the things you learn with the community.)