what guistyles for gui scrollview

i have two different types of scrollers that i use.
one is in my custom skin which has vertical and horizontal scrollbars and thumbs to use. Also up and down and left and right buttons for the ends of the scrollers. That is 8 in total.
How do you use GUILayout.BeginScrollview(…) without a skin because it only takes horizontalScrollbar and verticalScrollbar guistyles. how would you use all 8 guistyles?

do i need to create another skin for the second scrollview styles?

just to answer my own question…
according to this Unity - Scripting API: GUI.VerticalScrollbar

if you create a custom style and call it customscroller, if you add 3 other custom styles: customscrollerupbuttom, customscrollerdownbutton, customscrollerthumb it will find them automatically and use them, the one you pass is customscroller
(these are custom styles in the skin being used)