what happened to the character controller in unity 5 i cant find it,(i mean the one with 1st person and 3rd person view thing) I wanted to use it what happened where can I get it!?!?!?! WHERE IS IT???

someone please help!

In asset store

wat?!?!? no not this i mean that other character controller that had only 1 first person with no people in it and there was a 3rd person controller with 1 example person on it, wat happened to that??


he gave you the link but I guess you didn't read past the first sentence..

lol im talking about the old controller, not the new one, but i did use the new one (that he gave me the link for) its ok, but what happened to the other one that comes with unity when u install it

it has been replaced with the new one

As mentioned, it was replaced. If you want to get the old one, you need to get the old version of Unity.

crap, ok, i guess ill give the new one a try but thanks

You may download Unity 4, take the example from there that you want and then import that project in Unity 5. Maybe you are lucky and it works.

I believe it does. I had a project with the old FPS controller in it, imported into 5 and it worked fine, I think.

ok ok, and thanks, and i actually like the new controller better, has more features with it too, but thanks