What happened on my money when payout unity failed

Unity sent me a payout of my profits from the assets that I sell on the asset store last month, for the month of July, but the process failed and unity sent me an email asking me to correct my payment information on PayPal, even though I checked it several times and it was correct.
The strange thing is that the money that failed to be paid, I do not know where it disappeared. I cannot be sure whether it is in the account or not. I waited for the current month’s payout , but when they sent it to me, it also failed, and it was only last month’s profits. They did not collect the profits that also failed with it. I sent them emails several times but no one answered
I hope I can find someone who can help me here

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I am also facing the same problem buddy!!. I have opted for payapl payout method. But on the same date 15th September 2023 My payout request got failed, i don’t know what’s the reason. Have you find any answer?

Hey @ayushcodemate, I am facing the same issue. I had some missing info in PayPal but don’t know if it has solved the issue or when the same payout will be reattempted. Did you receive your funds eventually?