What happened to CharacterMotor in 3.4?

New to Unity and still recovering from upgrading to 3.4.

I upgraded to 3.4 and then started Unity and selected my game to load.

Immediately got hit by a bunch of errors from standard asset scripts. Learned (with forum help) I had to delete and reimport them.

Now I have the following remaining error:

Assets/WCW/Scripts/Khelna_FPSController.js(1,21): BCE0018: The name ‘CharacterMotor’ does not denote a valid type (‘not found’). Did you mean ‘UnityEngine.CharacterJoint’?

Here is the line of code:

private var motor : CharacterMotor;

What happened to CharacterMotor in 3.4? Is there documentation that I have missed that tells me what I should do?

Thanks for any help.

This error indicates the script CharacterMotor.js was not found, or has not been compiled yet. When a script is compiled, Unity creates a new type with the same script name (but without quotes or extension), which is not being found at this compilation stage. Could it be caused by compilation order? (take a look here)

EDITED: To be more specific: CharacterMotor.js doesn’t exist in your project, but the script Khelna_FPSController.js declares the variable motor with this type. (CharacterMotor.js is a script used in the Assets/Standard Assets/Character Controllers/First Person Controller).

At the end of 3.4 What’s New, they mention that improved type checking could cause some scripts ok in 3.3 to produce errors in 3.4.

You have two alternatives: import the package Character Controller to your project (menu Assets/Import Package…) or remove the script Khelna_FPSController.js from the Assets folder, if you’re not using it at all (every script in Assets or its subfolders is compiled and must be free of errors, even if you don’t ever use it).