What happened to my Project??

I am a new user to unity, i am currently using version 2019 4.1 Personal, i am working on this project and using the In Vector Free 3rd Person Controller, i was working on a script and i tried to reference a boolean from the Third Person Controller, it gave me an assembly directive error so i tried to move the scripts to one folder and it didn’t work and gave me more errors. I tried moving it back and i have 5 errors that were not on my script before. I don’t know if i have to start over and create a new project or if i can still save my current project, please help.
![alt text][1]

Okay so i found a solution, after messing with the script i created a duplicate and renamed it and now everything works… I think it was just a bug and i am not sure why it happened. I still am i kind of wondering why it messed up in the first place if anyone has the answer.