What happened to my terrain editor?

Here's my terrain editor inside of my inspector. I saw terrain editor on a you tube video which is not like mine. I don't know, I can't even make mountains, I can't paint brushes, I don't know why my terrain is like this. Can anybody help me with my terrain, to make it usable? I tried changing the brush size, strength but not working!

The exception might have something to do with it.

Actually, what to do? Can you help me?

You have a lot of stamps in there. Where did you get them from? Might be something wrong with one of them.

The console error says R16 SFloat (16 bit) render textures aren't supported on your PC. You're apparently using a DX10 GPU, so probably a tad old, which is probably the issue. Which GPU are you using?

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I have deleted the project and started a new project. Now the terrain is working! I'm now working there. Don't need to solve the problem because I deleted that one. I was just testing my terrain!