What happened to the Renderer.Render function? It has ceased to exist in Unity 5.x

In unity 4.x, there was a function on the renderer component called Render, which could be used to render an object, kind of like Graphics.DrawMesh could be used to render meshes to the screen, but it worked with any renderer object, including ParticleSystemRenderers, which Graphics.DrawMesh doesn’t work on.

I was rendering in this way because the frustum culling in unity for particle systems makes every particle emitted by the particle system object invisible if the center of the particle object passed off screen, even just a bit.

I noticed in unity 5.x that that function was no longer there. I checked the documentation, and I couldn’t find any record of it anywhere, even on the history page.

Is there an alternative function I can use to render particle systems, or something else I can do to disable frustum culling on the particle system object?

So I solved it.

The Render function is gone, but I don’t need it any more because in unity 5.x, particle system frustum culling works properly.