What happened to the 'Standard (Roughness)' shader?

I was previously using this shader in conjuction with the HDRP’s ‘Upgrade Materials to High Definition Assets’ which worked wonders in converting previous assets as well as producing the the new mask map.

In 2018.3b2 this shader is missing and all my previous assets are now the shader ‘Autodesk Interactive’. Trying to upgrade this shader does nothing like the previous ‘Standard (Roughness)’

Hi, the ‘Standard (Roughness setup)’ shader was indeed renamed as ‘Autodesk Interactive’ which breaks the current HDRP material upgrader. We worked on an implementation of this shader specifically for HDRP, that should be available in the next HDRP package release. When available, ‘Autodesk Interactive’ materials ( formerly named ‘Stingray’ ) imported from FBX will work in HDRP projects, the Material upgrade step won’t be necessary anymore .
In the meantime, I see two options :


Thank you, this explains a lot.

Though I am curious now to know more about this "Autodesk Interactive’ shader. I am currently upgrading our project to the new HDRP which is quite a time consuming process as we have over 50gb in assets. Is the process I am doing now a waste of time if this shader will bypass the upgrading step?

I’m no expert but I’d say you picked an especially unlucky time to do this. If it were me I would wait for the next SRP update (and the beta version it is compatible with, not out yet), but if I were desperate to do it right now I would follow the ‘edit the material upgrader script’ advice given above. I would not follow the advice about using the very latest github version at this particular moment, because there are things in it that wont work quite right until a later 2018.3 beta is available. If you are prepared to wait then I am thinking the timescale for the right versions of things being available to the public will be weeks, but I cannot say how many (although I would guess 1-2 weeks)

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And I should probably be clear that my guess could easily be wrong by a further few weeks.