What happens, rearrange assets, then update


Lets say I take a couple of content packs I’ve bought and rearrange them in my project panel so that all of their models share a folder, materials another, etc. What happens when the author puts out an update, and I download it? Do the assets get updated in their current positions? Does Unity forget where they came from and just drop the updated asset back in the original location?



Hi Victor,

I believe the downloaded files from the update will save in the original location - possibly causing duplicates in your assets folder(s).

My approach would be to download them to a location outside of your project, and Import from that location inside Unity - then (and somebody correct me if I’m wrong) you can right click and Reimport the assets when an update is released.

i have had a mixture of results. I think the case will be that new content will end up in the authors default folder, updated content will update in your folder system.

I tried moving a folder into another, for example, a Forest Pack into a parent Environment folder. When I imported again, it went into the correct, updated location.