What if ARcore is not supported in my mobile because of old android version?

I want to start my career as AR developer, but in the first I found that ARcore is not supported on my android mobile due to its old android version, and my mobile is not upgradable, so is there any solution to make it work, or what is the best alternatives to ARcore that works on any android version??

Hello there,

Unfortunately, no there is not. If you truly want to start a career in AR, you need to have the right tools to do so.

If your device doesn’t support ARCore, then get a new one. It will be significantly cheaper than trying to get it to work on a device that doesn’t officially support it.

As far as AR goes, you can take a look at Vuforia (expensive but very good), Arcolib (on the asset store), ARToolkit (I think it’s not being updated any more?), ARCore (as you mentioned) and ARKit (Apple devices only).

I hope that helps!



You can take a look on kudan or 8th wall, which are also markerless.