What inputs do i have with .fbx models through AssetPostProcessor's?

I've already written an import pipeline which uses the names of nodes within my .fbx model to control certain things like static, mesh collider, components etc.

It's quite messy and due to only being allowed alpha numerics and _ characters the names i'm using are pretty horrible.

I now would like to perhaps extend this to support artist placed physics proxies in objects. ie. artists place cubes and spheres in the model and they end up coming through as gameobjects with box or sphere colliders of the right size.

What are my options for this? Is there any way to get details of nodes beyond their names? If worse comes to the worst then i can probably embed the type and extents of the physics primitives into their names but it just feels clunky, and it'll make my naming conventions worse.

I've watched the Unite conference where asset pipelines is discussed, it seemed to do a lot of what my system does, somethings my system doesn't, and my system has a few things that i think were unique. However the resolution of the video was so low that you can't really make out anything in the presentation, source code and the like.

Would love to hear more about the capabilities of this rather neat post processor.

As ever, i'm in Unity iPhone. Cheers.

Hey, I'm the guy from that video :). Unfortunately some of the techniques discussed in that video are not yet available in Unity iPhone. For your specific usecasce I would use OnPostprocessGameObjectWithUserProperties, however that is also not yet in Unity iPhone :(

Getting the iPhone product on par with "normal" Unity is something we're very actively working on.

Hi, we’ve written a 3ds Max plugin for exporting the PhysX information into the exported FBX file. You can then access that information in AssetImporter, the whole process becomes fully automated. It also means the artists can test their physics in Max before the coders get the data. No need for proxies, special names or additional data.

You can find it on this thread: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/fbx-physx-exporter.258375/