What IP address do you put in the Unity Transport?

Bit confused with the high level Unity Transport, paired with Netcode for GameObjects. Which IP addresses go in the "Connection Data - Address / Server Listen Address?
Over LAN I just put the local IP address of the sever in both the Client/Server version of the game running virtual box (locally). They connect fine.

I tried the same thing on a google VM (hosted online), replacing the IP address with the static IP they assigned and it didn’t work. Says cannot connect.

The problem shouldn’t be with firewalls. Changing the transport to UNET, the same static IP and port will allow me to connect.

I haven’t used Unity’s networking stuff in years and haven’t used the new netcode stuff at all. As far as I know both did usually use UDP except for webgl and some other rare occations. Though about firewall and maybe NAT forwarding settings (if necessary) make sure it’s the UDP port and not TCP.

I’m not sure what Unity does when you leave the Server listen address empty. As you may know listening sockets have to be bound to a local port and address. In most cases you could simply use as the bind address which would bind to all local IPs of the machine.

Troubleshooting such problems can be difficult. I always use WireShark in order to inspect all network traffic n my machine. It could help to figure out what’s going on. Though in most cases it’s a firewall / routing issue

Did you open the port on the google vm?

also did you change the connect address to the static ip? and is that the internal or external static ip? Get a friend (if you have any) to run the client and try connecting to a server running on your laptop. Make sure to do port forwarding tho if you try this.