What is a good approach for developing a game in Android and iOS simultaneously?


Together with a couple of other guys we’ve slowly started our development of a game which will be made in Unity. One of our current concerns is that due to a great deal with another company, we’d like to develop our game both for Android and iOS.

I have a great deal of experience with object-oriented programming and game programming, either in C# or obj-c. But so far we’ve only developed in Cocos2D exclusively for the iOS platform, so when it comes to development for multiple mobile platforms it’s an entirely new area, but also one of the reasons we chose Unity.

What we’re currently trying to figure out is what would be the best approach when developing a game for multiple platforms? Would you start off just creating the game for, say, iOS, and then afterwards start to add Android specific code? So you would effectively make an iOS version first, then take that existing unity code and port it to Android code (whichever parts of the API’s and so forth that would need changing or optimization).

Or would it be better to create parts of the game step by step, but continuously making sure they work for both platforms? So you would develop the game with both platforms in mind right from the get-go.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

“Forget about the Android part?” :slight_smile: Sorry, couldn’t resist.

More seriously … at this stage you have not fooled around with Unity yet right?

Youw ill be pleased to hear that the whole entire overall point of Unity, the raison d’etre, is that…

#“You can develop instantly to many platforms…!”

You know?

That’s the whole reason Unity exists, you’ll be pleased to hear! While developing an iOS game, I often just click the button “Build this as a mac app, for fun!” and it does that. You know?

So, it’s entirely good news for you. Enjoy!

(As a commercial matter, I do have to wonder why you’d bother releasing for Android? There is zero money in it. So you need to impress potential clients, or ?? I hate to see people waste time!!)

I would say you go for the Android version first. It is easier and cheaper to do. Then you know if you game is good, and polished, with potential for success. After that you can port to iOS, pay for the licenses, etc.