What is a good beta-delivery solution?

I’m making an iOS&Android game with Unity and I’m looking for a good system to deliver the application to testers. Basically HockeyApp and Testflight alternatives.

Ideally it should have:

  • Unity integration, it is a PITA to write platform-specific code in a diferent IDE.
  • Crash reporting tools
  • Some support for analytics, even if minimal

I was planning to use Testflight but they disabled their SDK months ago and it doesn’t work for Android anyway. Crashlytics has a new beta-delivery system, but they don’t have Unity integration yet.

HockeyApp seems to be the way to go, but I was wondering if there are any alternatives? Anyone with experience using any of these with Unity?

Hello! More than two years later, I have found your unreplied question :slight_smile:
Crashlytics now provides a Unity plugin. I’m about to give it a try but it would be interesting to know how was your experience with HockeyApp? Thanks