What is a good book for learning unity?

I have moderate experience with Blender 3d and I am learning python. I did learn java a long time ago but have forgotten most of it. I would like a good that teaches unity 3. Is there anywhere online I can find video tutorials as well?


is the best web i find when i learned unity
welcome to unity

Here’s a few resources to get you started:

  1. Google. Nuff said! You can find loads of good tutorials. I think the Walker Boy Studios and unity3dstudent.com are the best, but it’s subjective.
  2. If you want a book, I think a total of two have been released. The one I’ve heard good stuff about is Game Development Essentials, by Will Goldstone. He makes unity3dstudent.com, and I think works at Unity.

Anyway, check those out. It’s enough to take you from nothing to being a very good programmer. Lots of practice helps, and then sign up to be a programmer in a free project. You’ll learn loads!

Also checkout Unity Creative - a magazine about Unity with a lot of tips and tricks


well those ones above are good but i would go to tornadotwins.com they have “PERFECT” Step by step tutorials for unity good luck. i bet you’ll end up making a great game!

Or if you would like tutorials Using C#, have a look at BurgZerg Arcade - YouTube

I want to point out my book Unity in Action. It’s for people who already know how to program but are new to Unity:

(this is a very old thread but still one of the top results when I google “unity book”)