What is a good Javascript editor, with Syntax highlighting and checking?


I was just wondering if you guys knew any good Javascript editors, other then Unityscript or Unitytronic or whatever that editor's called. I am trying to do some Scripting tutorials by the website and they recommend SubEthaEdit but that is a bit too expensive right now.


Notepad++ is great and free.

There's another Answer that covers that at: Javascript Editor

Soon unity’s JS will be natively supported by FlashDevelop. For now, you can grab beta version here (UnityDevelop 4):


My choice is Codelobster

It is very smart free editor

i have the same problem as u , i want auto-completion and highlighting and a good debugging UI and other stuff , i just found this :
UnityScript Editor 2.7 Download (Free) - UniSciTE.exe

i didn’t try it yet , but it looks promising :slight_smile: