What is a must have on the asset store?

My birthday was a couple days ago and I got around $200 so I thought I this would be a good time to buy something decent from the asset store.

Currently it stands between Pro Bulder Advanced, UFPS and Playmaker? What should I get? I am currently making a TPS and I’m starting to learn C#.

Any input is appreciated!
Cheers :smiley:

Out of the three you mention playmaker kills the competition without breaking a sweat, in terms of value for money. Especially for a non-coder.

It is literally amazing. If you kinda feel like youre getting the logic of coding but are tired of the grammar and not knowing how to write stuff, playmaker is awesome! In playmaker if you think you know what you want, you can explore the actions and find it and then follow some logic (or tutorial) to set the action up, no more errors cos of a misplaced comma lol.

I know it sounds like im selling it, but i would have never managed to make even half of the bits of games ive made now, if not for playmaker…

Here is two tutorials to show you what is possible. After following these two through all the episodes Im pretty cool with doing my own thing and getting it done now.

2d hack and slash platformer (my personal favourite):

3d third person game tutorial (also same guy has a First person shooting tutorial in his channel, also very good):

Good luck with it!