What is a SIGBUS in unity iphone and why does it happen so often?

What is a SIGBUS, why does an error saying 'SIGBUS' happen so often and how come it sometimes goes away just by deleting the xcode project and making a new one?

I've seen SIGBUS often occur on NULL reference exceptions that occur at runtime. They are usually fairly straightforward to track down via the XCode debugger - hit the Continue button a couple times while monitoring the XCode debug console output. It usually will give a hint as to what file and line number the null reference was in.

Not sure why recreating the XCode project would fix it - it's usually an issue that recurs unless I can fix the underlying problem.

This happens when your code contains a Null reference exception. It's best to play the game in the editor and watch out for null reference or missing reference exceptions there. Once you have done that deploy to the device and you should be fine.

One common way we're getting it which the Unity simulator will not report an error for is if you try to GameObject.Find() an inactive GameObject. In the simulator will you not see any issues, however it will cause a null reference as it won't be able to find the object when run from XCode - so you'll just see a SIGBUS.

Okay, to find the Null Reference culprit you are supposed to "hit the Continue button a couple time" a couple of time... but if the game simply FREEZES it is still RUNNING so there the CONTINUE button will not pop up, and only the RESTART and PAUSE buttons will be available.

How can I get the equivalent of the CONTINUE button in Xcode in this situation? Also, is there another way to find out more info on the cause of the Null Reference besides the CONTINUE button?


Hi there. SIGBUS is an error when working in a pathfinding script. Here it is already discussed, please visit this link: