What is a target component?

I am watching a Brackey’s tutorial and he wrote this line of code:

Target target = //then he checked if it had a target component

then he said something about “target components”. What are those and how do I add those? They don’t seem to exist in Unity C#.


Ok the answer is right in your face. Nice try anyway. This script:

        public float health = 50f; 
        public void TakeDamage(float amount)
            health -= amount;
            if (health <= 0)
        void Die()

Has a title above it. Looks like this:
public class Target : MonoBehavior

The name after class in Brackey’s videos is what he is calling because it is a script you add to all things that are damageable. So whatever your script’s name is will be what you put.

So say I have:

public class HealthManager : MonoBehavior {
    public int health = 100;

    public void changeHealth(int amount) {
        health += amount;

In my other script I would reference it like:

public class Gun : MonoBehavior
    public int damageAmount = -10;
    HealthManager health;

    void Shoot() {
        //Shoot bullet
        if (//Object is hit) {
            health = hit.GetComponent<HealthManager>();

So it is as simple as that. Hopefully this helps.