What is a WaypointCircuit? How I make one?

I’m trying to make a car AI and was checking the unity vehicles standard asset. It has an example of a CarWaypointBasd that use a WaypointCircuit. What is this WaypointCircuit? I found a few videos using it, but I couldn’t find what is it or how to make my own to use it.

@Lupus I’ve just figured this out while looking for the answer to the above question. Create an empty gameobject (your circuit) and attach the ‘WayPointCircuit’ script from the standard assets. Create a bunch of new empties as your waypoints and attach them to your circuit. then in the waypoint circuit script, hit the ‘Assign using all child objects’ button to create the circuit. Drag your circuit object onto the AI cars Waypoint progress tracker script.

A waypointCircuit is mainly an array of emptygameobjects that you use to move another game object, from point to point, in your case to move the IA car along the track.
you can use this tutorial as base Tutorial