What is an element in CopyTexture ?

I want to make a tiled map. I want to use the function CopyTexture to copy from a Texture2D (where is stored my tileset) to a RenderTexture.

I want to use the third overloading (with all the arguments) which allows me to choose from where in the source texture and where in the render texture I will copy. But I need to specify source & destination elements, and I have no idea what it is and what I should use here.

So what is an element here ? What should I use ?

Thanks !

The documentation is super unclear about this, but they are only used for something like a cube map which has multiple textures. Using the value of 0 for both srcElement and dstElement seemed to work for me though. I was just trying to set the srcMap and dstMap values.

“It also allows copying from an element (e.g. cubemap face) or a specific mip level, and from a subregion of a texture.” Graphics.CopyTexture

Hope this helps.