what is an enum ?

hi guys can you please break down and tell me what enums do please be very specific :) thank you very much in advance :)

enum is a keyword that allows you to declare an enumeration. an enumeration is a set of names for valeus. for example

enum Dificulty {easy,normal,hard};

then you can declare variables of type Dificulty and set it's value as easy/normal/hard

Dificulty d = Dificulty.easy;

enums make your program more readable and help you to don't set integer values incorrectly. remembering easy is easier than remembering 0 or 1. a complete reference is available on MSDN [here.][1]

as you can read there the value is easy is 0 and normal 1 and hard 2. values are increased by one and you can set the values to numbers that you want. the type is a constant integral type. by constant i mean that you can not change the value of Dificulty.easy after defining the enum.

unity uses enums for sending constant values to functions. you can see enums usefulness from Input.GetMouseButton() i always froget what number is for what button but if it had an enum like

enum MouseButton {left,middle,right};

then it was easy to set this just like KeyCode and other available enums.

using enums in javascript is the same but i don't know how to define them in js.

hope this helps.

[1]: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/sbbt4032(v=vs.80).aspx`enter code here`

I think that this site explains it:

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