what is an unexpected token

i keep getting error messages saying there is an unexpected token in a script i am using. does anyone know what this means and how to get rid of it and could you plz explain it to me in simple terms cos i am a bit of a noob with java.

here is the script with the problems

using; UnityEngine;
using; System.Collections.Generic;

public class Decal MonoBehaviour 
    static; public int dCount;

    //The gameObjects that will be affected by the decal.
    public GameObject[]; affectedObjects;

    private : float angleCosine;

the problems with it are:

unexpected tokens: monobehaviour, static, int, gameobject

other problems: expecting EOF, found private

hope this makes answering easier and thanx for ur help


Google helps.

But mainly, the type your trying to pass through doesn't exist, highly recommend posting script so that others can help you more.