What is Better For Graphics: Blender or HDRP?

Hi. I recently asked a question about if I can make high-fidelity graphics on entirely Unity. The answer was a little mixed; but I ended up downloading Blender, a graphics-maker software. But, after I downloaded it, I was having second-thoughts that whether I should’ve used the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) instead. Then, I got even more curious when I saw this and it was made completely in HDRP. So, what will be better for graphics, Blender, or the built-in High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)?

I’d like to point out that you were actually offered a ton of TERRIBLY off-topic answers in your previous question.

Your wording in your previous question asked about “High Definition” visuals (basically), which resulted in numerous answers latching onto the terminology, rather than the context of the question itself.

The newer versions of Unity let you choose between the...

High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP), targeted at higher-end hardware (like computers with dedicated video cards).

Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP), intended to be run on a broad range of hardware (like smartphones and weaker computers, like lower-end laptops).


Those are available so that, once you have created the content to be fit into your game (e.g. Blender for 3D models), you can also decide whether you want high-quality potential visuals available in the engine itself. UWP is much more limited aesthetically than HDRP, but also generally less taxing with the same game environment.