,what is C# compiler errors?

why does unity keep saying “all compiler errors must be fixed before you can enter playmode”?

Hi, first off C# is NOT python just so you know they are both programming languages but beyond that they are very different. C# is the programming language for unity. a programming language is basicaly a set of rules and functions that say how to write something in a way that the translator can understand.
like when you want to translate an english word into spanish you might use a spanish-english dictionary
in the same way a translator turns text into something a computer can understand,
so a C# compiler error is when the code was writen wrong ie.( not following the rules of the C# programming language) so the comiler AKA the software that uses the C# to computer dictionary to translate it does not understand what you wrote so it crashes and that crash is the compiler error.
so if you get one you should fix the problem in your code and then there might be another but once they are all gone you can run your project :slight_smile: