What is faster than array in C# but works same way?

In AS 3.0 it’s typed Vector.
As for unity - any substitute for Array structure performance wise?

An actual array, as in int[] N = new int[10]; is the fastest there is. They correspond to how the CPU lays out and accesses memory. Most array-like classes are just wrappers over real arrays, trading speed for being easy to use.

“Arrays” are also sometimes implemented as doubly-linked lists. Those are much slower on lookups, but a much faster on inserts/deletes from anywhere. If you look at the abilities of an “Array-like object,” you can usually tell if it’s secretly using a real -array, or a linked-list.

The standard C++ Vector class – Vector A = new Vector(10); – is really an array bundled with the length, max size and some helper functions. For example, when Push runs out of space, it merely creates a larger array and copies the old values over.