what is fontsize???

Hello friends …I am searching for something which changes the font size according to screen resolution of the mobile . But , first I want to understand what font size means ? How its measured ?? Does it mean in pixel size ? And also one thing more . I want to know if is there any method which can give me character width and height ??

The desktop publishing point (DTP point) is defined as 1⁄72 of the Anglo-Saxon compromise inch of 1959 (25.4 mm) which makes it 0.0138 inch or 0.3527 mm. Twelve points make up a pica, and six picas make an inch.
This system was notably chosen by John Warnock and Charles Geschke when they created Adobe PostScript, by Apple as the screen resolution for the original Macintosh, and for the LaserWriter that launched the desktop publishing industry.[4][5] Therefore, the DTP point is sometimes called the PostScript point.

in reply to your comment…

You can set them according to the screen size by taking a float variable



and by multiplying with the variable to get the fontsize.

float fontSize=sh*1.2;

hence the fontsize will be of 1.2 part of entire screen size every time on every device making it completely visible according to the device resolutions.

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