What is happen in NavMeshComponents? still alive?

Hi. I found that NavMeshComponents simply not work in Unity 2019.3b7.

It crashes in IL2CPP iOS Player build at NavMeshManager.LoadData(). Also I found that it is already reported long time ago (alpha stage) and still not fixed.


The official repository said:
Please use the branch matching the version of your Unity editor: master for the latest released version, 2018.3, 2018.2, 2018.1, 2017.2 for up to 2017.4-LTS, 2017.1, 5.6.
You can see, they not mentioned 2019.x.

But the repository has actually 2019.3 branch so I checked it of course. Then simply found that 2019.3 branch has no changes for its main code from last master commit (about 1 year ago) except project update.

I want to know whether 2019.3 will be support NavMeshComponents, and is it safe to use NavMeshComponents itself for 2019.x cycles because it seems that simply abandoned.


PS. I used NavMeshComponents in Unity 2019.2 without any issue, so I posted to 2019.3 beta forum.


Thanks for bringing that up. Until this gets fixed, there are two workarounds:

  1. Disable "Engine Code Stripping" from the player settings of the Android/iOS build.

  2. Bake and save at least one (small) static NavMesh built with the legacy method, accessible through the Navigation window, somewhere in the scene. This will cause the NavMeshSettings class to be used and thus not be stripped away.

The problem is caused by the NavMeshSettings class being stripped out of Android/iOS builds.

Thanks for the solution. But my project already has NavMesh generated by NavMeshSurface component (and included to player build). Did you mean that "static NavMesh" is NavMesh which is built by legacy Navigation window?

I too have been actively waiting for news on what the hell is happening with that repo, it was game changing stuff (at least from a procgen point of view) that has since seemingly been abandoned...

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I’m interested in this too. Any plans for further development of NavMesh Components?


Yes, static NavMesh was referring to one that is built using the legacy method, from the Navigation window.

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I imagine the fact that we are getting a direct response from a unity team member in this thread whilst simulteanously having any questions related to future of navmesh components avoided / ignored entirely probably means its been abandoned.

I dont see any reason for unity to be as tight lipped about this as they are unless its either:

  • Abandoned


  • Some sort of update or replacement incoming which will eventually have an official announcement

Due to the lack of movement on the repo I imagine its probably the former unfortunately, but heres to hoping I am wrong!

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Based on the response to this thread:

We will be moving navMesh to DOTS in 2020, together with some code re-org and new features. It 's a long undertake so we do not have a delivery date yet, but work will start in January of next year.

I'd assume we're only going to see NavMesh updates in the DOTS world.

Well, it would definitely have been nice to see it as a package while it lasted. It's not like they have any problem putting a package in preview then abandoning it or anything. [cough] ProGrids.

Thats just talking about navmesh, not navmeshcomponents which were an evolution of it only accessible from github.

There has been no talk of the navmeshcomponents featureset being moved to DOTS, and its very different (for example it supports runtime navmeshgeneration from prefabs which is a godsend to procgen)

I seriously can't imagine them moving the old (more or less obsolete) NavMesh system to DOTS, and not the NavMeshComponents.
Building NavMesh at runtime is both super useful and really suited for jobs and ECS.