What is 'index' in LineRenderer.SetPosition() method in unity?

Hey game makerz, i want to ask a simple question.
What is actual and basic meaning of term ‘index’ in LineRenderer.SetPosition() method in unity. What it represents?? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Perry Garg

Index means the number associated to an entity in a sequence of other entities. So, for example, if you are in a line to enter a club and you are the 2nd in line, your index is 2. In programming, indexes start from 0. So in the club example, if you wanted to model the line as a list, the first person would be index 0, and you would be index 1.

In SetPosition, the index reffers to the place the position will take in the line render line. The starting point has index 0, next point has index 1 and so on.

All right guys,thanks… well!! i got it…indexes of line renderer components actually represents the ‘point of line being rendered’ that whether for which position(start or end or any intermediate) of line we are gonna setting position through SetPosition() method.