What is java script or UnityScript used for?

I know that does seem a bit obvious but i’m wanting to know what i’m not going to be able to do if i don’t use java as my code what if i use C# for instance? Because i cant seem to find any really good unity tutorials which use java. I did have a good set but after going through them following them directly i started developing errors which weren’t encountered by the video author which started putting me off the videos. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

UnityScript (which is basically javascript), C#, and Boo are the three languages you can write scripts with in Unity.

When Unity compiles your scripts, it uses Mono. Mono takes these three languages and converts them into native code for whatever system you’re targetting. For instance, if you build for iPhone it will compile them into objective C.

So it doesn’t matter which language you use - it’s just up to your personal preference, what tutorials you can find, what background you have before coming to Unity. In the end, they all produce the same code.