What is "Other Assets" in Editor log

basically i was testing the build of my game and saw the exaggerated size of my build after checking the editor log to see what was causing the problem i found out this:

Textures 235.5 mb 28.0%
Meshes 7.5 mb 0.9%
Animations 0.0 kb 0.0%
Sounds 25.2 mb 3.0%
Shaders 24.7 mb 2.9%
Other Assets 533.0 mb 63.3% <----------------What is this ?
Levels 1.0 mb 0.1%
Scripts 2.3 mb 0.3%
Included DLLs 13.2 mb 1.6%
File headers 58.5 kb 0.0%
Total User Assets 842.5 mb 100.0%

I started reading the details of the build but i couldnt find what “Other Assets” refers to.
Can someone explain to me what it is and why is it taking more than 500 Mb ??

i have the same Issue. Did somebody found a Solution yet?