What is PlayerController? and how is it different from CharacterController

So I’ve found this code on the forums I’m trying to use, and I had to convert it from javascript to c#, but that wasn’t too hard. But the code was using somethings called “PlayerController” which I’ve never heard of, I thought it was just a misnaming of CharacterController, but the function they were calling off PlayerController isn’t in CharacterController, the function was setNoUpdate. So after that I looked up PlayerController and can’t find any reference to it in the manual, but I some posts that weren’t that old of other people using it, so I’m kind of stumped as to what it is. Anyone have some insight?

PlayerController is, I think, in the Unity Samples. Usually by PlayerController, people are referring to the component that takes input from the user and translates it into inputs on a CharacterController or CharacterMotor (another demo class).