what is problem??? Assets/Standard....

Assets\Standard Assets\Effects\ImageEffects\Scripts\DepthOfField.cs(259,21): error CS0619: ‘Graphics.DrawProceduralIndirect(MeshTopology, ComputeBuffer, int)’ is obsolete: ‘Method DrawProceduralIndirect has been deprecated. Use Graphics.DrawProceduralIndirectNow instead. (UnityUpgradable) → DrawProceduralIndirectNow(*)’

I’m using 2019.1.3f1.personal.


I know this is a little late, but double click on the error for it to take you to the line of code that’s causing the error. Change “Graphics.DrawProceduralIndirect” to “Graphics.DrawProceduralIndirectNow”. This will resolve the issue, but it could cause a new issue as it did for me. I started getting errors dealing with Water from the Standard Assets. To resolve these new errors you can move the entire Editor folder out from the Standard Assets folder to the main Assets folder. I added the second part just in case people have the same thing that happened to me, happen to them. I hope this helps!