What is required to have a PS3 controller communicating with a computer?

I was wonder first, if the PS3 license is needed even just to have my controller communicate with unity on my computer or if I could use the controller with unity on my computer without purchasing the license. Second, I just want to make sure that PS3 controller communication requires unity pro. Lastly I was wondering if this is the same with the Wii.

Any information on his would be very helpful.

Thank you.


No neither unity pro or a license is sony is need ed to test with a PS3 controller, just connect your controller by first using a usb cable, you can then continue to connect via bluetooth.

Getting the PS3 controller to work has nothing to do directly with Unity, as Unity uses the underlying OS API to access the inputs. So if you can get the controller working fine with windows(in the control panel for example), then Unity should be able to use it.

One method is to search for DS3 Tool. It provides a driver that can make the PS3 controller work via different emulations, including a DInput device or an XBOX360 controller. Windows does not have any available drivers included, and Sony does not provide one(they really should honestly), so you have to go for 3rd party stuff.