what is “Single UV” in "Dynamic Batching Document"?

it’s a shame to ask as im an artist, I’m testing the Dynamic Batching function. and it works as the vertex of mesh is below 300, however it was mentioned in the user manual it can batching mesh with 900 vertex if you met the requirement.

this is from the manual “If your shader is using Vertex Position, Normal and single UV, then you can batch up to 300 verts”

but im wondering what is “single UV” and “Vertex Position”? i wanna make sure i can meet the requirement


Think in terms of how much storage each vertex uses. Score vertex position=1, vertex normal=1, texture coord = 1. Add these per vertex scores together, so here we get 3. Divide 900/3 and you get 300. So, if your model has fewer than 300 verts it’ll batch. Now add to your vertex a second UV channel and a tangent. Those both score 1 each, so now you have a weight of 5 per vertex. Divide 900/5 to get 180. So, your model needs fewer than 180 vertices.

“single UV” means a UV channel, “vertex position” means the location of the vertex in 3d space. When you pull vertices about in a modeller you are changing the vertex position, or xyz location.